Brainstorming Starters August 22, 2019

To get this blog rolling...

[Trailhead: from Mastodon] 


A New Life Resolution


Okay, look. I've got some fairly majorly improved video editing software now, lots of imagination, and I feel creatively stifled.

it's time to start some real major projects, big and small, including a YouTube series as well as littler projects. I NEED to create!!

I would love to collaborate, too. 

I'll get some ideas down and start something real soon. I can't wait. I'm busting to start.

Watch me shine!

One thing I really want to do is to give some thanks to some of my inspirations.

For Julien Neel, I want to do a multitrack a cappella video where I'm onscreen several times in different screens singing in harmony.

For Nick Nocturne, I want to maybe do a kind of NightMind-type of video but it's actually a mockumentary (which as a genre has been a huge inspiration and fascination for me) where I pretend to review and interpret some kind of YouTube series that is not real, or an ARG or a game...or I do one of an ARG that itself turns out to be the trailhead for a real ARG of my own....hmmm...

I can do multiscreen, I can do masking and play multiple characters in one shot (if it's a still camera shot, I am not advanced enough for a tracking shot just yet), I can do screen in screen, I can do chroma-key if I just work at it. I can really take off and do major learning AND major creativity and just run with it!!

Well, now the classes are done for the day and I want to start brainstorming on projects to do and start to come up with at least a sketch for a multi-character skit, a song to harmonize on, a phony ARG or YouTube series to do a documentary on (or summarize), and an original YT series...

And any other ideas that I happen on.
I think I may use Plume or types of things for these purposes; even though I have 10,000 characters to play with here, the columns are not very comfy confines for me.

New notes and thoughts.

 August 23, 2019

Okay, well, tomorrow I would love to have a video planned, maybe using masking and multi-character stuff, and shoot it, and get ready or started for the editing process. I think I have enough different kinds of costumey things to do a modest cute thingy. 

Perhaps the thing to do is to record the audio first, so everything can sync to that. I imagine it could start with one character middle foreground, interrupted by an entrance from the door to my study, introducing a second character. Once that character has established herself in a stable location, more people can begin to show up.  

Note to self: Don't get too fancy and elaborate; this is mostly to teach myself how to do this stuff, don't worry too much about making a magnificent piece of artwork just now! 

Though it wouldn't hurt to make it amusing. 


Should I write the scripts here, or a side blog at this same account, or what??


: transfer an item from one character's hand to another's just using something greenscreened out of the image and two takes. For a wow moment.

Maybe I can do a video version (or the radio version and afterward set it to a grim dusty set of images as originally planned) of "Out of Earshot"!

 August 28th

I had a wretched time Monday, got drunk, got hated on
Tuesday was kind of a bad feeling hangover (metaphorical)

Today I have been feeling shitty but I'm talking with people and it's getting better. I think so, at least.