Blender Scripting using Python

Resources to Begin your scripting journey using Blender

Welcome to the EverythingRaptor Blender Scripting tutorials!!

NOTE: I'm new to Blender Scripting myself and the articles I write here are what I learn on a daily or weekly basis. The articles and Code is updated as I learn new stuff. Now this out of the way Happy Scripting.

Whats possible with Blender Scripting?

  1. Creating Addons.
  2. Automating Tasks.
  3. Generative Art.
  4. Creative Coding.

There surely are many more applications like applying Machine Learning to generate models too. With Python and BPY(Blender Python Library) a lot is possible.


Blender Cloud Scripting Tutorial - Most recommended but a bit advanced.

Blender 2.82a Python API Documentation - Latest Stable version

Blender 2.8 Python Scripting Superpowers for Non-Programmers - CG Cookie

Blender: Python Scripting - LinkedIn Learning

Blender Scripting Introduction - Scripting with explanation


Blender Python scripting for lazy 3D artists - New tutorial

Blender Python Scripting Series - Darkfall - Playlist

Blender Programming Tutorials - Olav3D - Playlist

Scripting for Artists - Blender - Playlist (Latest)

Intro to Python Scripting in Blender-TheDuckCow - Workshop video


Creative Coding in Blender a Primer

Scripting Curves in Blender with Python

Blender 2.8 Grease Pencil Scripting and Generative Art - Using Machine Learning

Blender Nation - Python Scripts and Articles - No new Articles

Blender Python Documentation

There are a lot of tutorials for sure but many of them are not very simple. Most of them are related to addon creation and the rest work only in older version of blender.

Chats and Forums:

  1. Blender Artists
  2. Blender Chat
  3. Blender Stack Exchange
  4. Blender Reddit
  5. Blenderhelp Reddit
  6. Blenderpython Reddit
  7. Blender community
  8. Blender Discord

Blender Release Notes - Lookout for updates in the Blender API for your version.

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