Oh Dear...

Working on the Frozen Food section in a supermarket, I am constantly moving in and out of the backup freezers, which means I am pretty much constantly coming down with all manner of coughs and colds.
So waking up this morning with a sore, raspy throat and a bit of a cough is no particular surprise.
However, with the ongoing situation with novelCoronavirus Covid-19, UK Government advice is for anyone developing a new cough to stay at home and self-isolate.
So, here I am, stuck at home for at least a week, even though I'm feeling perfectly well apart from the sore throat and the minor headache - it's probably just a bog-standard cold, but better safe than sorry.
Luckily, my employer is paying me my full wage, so I'm lucky in that regard, as I know quite a few people who are SSP (Statutory Sick Pay, mandated by the Government) which is quite a bit less.
So - an unexpected week (at least) off work - I'm planning on doing plenty of sleping, loads of writing for this site and a couple of other projects I have on the go, some webdev stuff for at least one of those projects, and some photo editing - I have plenty to keep me going (and stop me going stir-crazy!), so that won't be a problem.
I might even find the time to play around with some musical ideas that have been annoying me recently - hopefully, if I can get those darn earworms out of my head and on to my computer, they might leave me alone!
Here's hoping, at least!

Right, that's everyone updated, I'm going to start on the first item on that list, and head back to bed for an hour or 6.
See you in the funny pages!

And wash your hands!!